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CT Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing of CT


I’m concerned that my practice is not located in Connecticut. Does this affect the process?

Regardless of location MBCT has the ability to abide by all procedures according to each state. MBCT utilizes electronic, HIPAA compliant software that has the capacity to bill anywhere within the United States.

Can my patients call you directly?

We welcome our clients to have their patients call us directly. Most of our clients find it easier to streamline benefit verification. Once you schedule with a patient, prior to their visit, direct them to us and we will obtain the required demographics and proceed with benefit and eligibility verification. From there, we notify you of all the necessary information.

How often do you bill insurance?

MBCT enjoys giving you the freedom to choose how often you would like us to submit claims. While most of our clients opt to submit bi-weekly or monthly, we will gladly submit weekly to ensure steady cash flow.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my billing?

Outsourcing your billing to an experienced and credible medical billing company can be beneficial in many ways. MBCT invoices our clients based on the amount that we have collected, meaning that if you don’t get paid, we won’t either. Not only is this motivation to get our clients paid, but to also obtain the highest reimbursement possible. If you’ve recently opened a facility or business, an experienced billing company has knowledge of time-consuming processes such as credentialing and coding. Daily interactions with insurance carriers and their representatives assists in accelerating such processes. Because the focus of a billing company is to get you paid, most providers will experience decreased claim rejection and expedited payment due to industry-specific software.

What is the turnaround time for payment?

Payment of claims vary by insurance carries. An accurate electronically submitted claim to a sizeable insurance carrier will take no longer than 30 days. An accurately submitted claim through paper, will take between 30-45 days.

Do you recover revenue?

Revenue recovery includes back billing, and reconciling past due accounts. MBCT will submit claims by adhering to timely filing limits. If we can find proof that a denied claim was submitted within these limits, we will aggressively follow through with the insurance carrier to obtain your reimbursement. MBCT also partners with a collections agency which we utilize if and when you find it necessary to invoice a patient with a past due account.

Do I maintain control of my money?

MBCT never handles your money. Our job is to simply expedite the process as well as track it. All checks and direct deposits will be directed to you. We receive a copy of your EOB through our electronic remittance system and track accordingly.