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CT Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing of CT

Outsourcing Medical Billing Is Easier When You Have Guaranteed Results

Making the decision about outsourcing medical billing can be difficult, especially if you have never outsourced before, have had a bad billing outsourcing experience or have heard horror stories about outsourcing medical billing.

Medical Billing Of CT makes the outsourcing medical billing process and decision much easier – we offer you the only Service Level Guarantee in the industry.

We guarantee:

  1. 85% of your charges will be resolved within 60 days;
  2. 95% of your charges will be resolved within 120 days;
  3. We will create and submit insurance claims by the end of the first weekday after our office receives completed encounter documentation from your office or facility;
  4. Reimburse you if we miss a claim submission deadline due to our fault; and
  5. Send out patient statements every weekday.

Outsourcing medical billing is a much easier decision to make when you know that you medical billing company has its revenue on the line if they do not provide outstanding service. For instance, if Medical Billing Of CT misses a timely filing deadline though our mistakes then we will reimburse you what you would have collected on the claim. If our percentage of charges that are not resolved within 120 days gets too high then we reimburse you our billing fee on the claims. Outsourcing medical billing makes sense with guarantees like this in place.

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