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CT Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing of CT

Our President

MBCT PresidentAs Co-Founder and President of Medical Billing of Connecticut, Michelle Allen sets the path for innovative medical billing services within the mental health industry. An entrepreneur by nature, she decided to create a business that would provide support to the clinicians who dedicate themselves to healing our community. With passion for mental health care, her 16-year experience has led her to become an expert in the field of mental health billing.

MBCT based out of Oxford, Connecticut launched its services in 2008 tending to the needs of just two mental health providers. Today, MBCT serves independent mental health providers, substance abuse and group facilities throughout the Connecticut. Starting with a desk, computer and a rolodex she outgrew her office space within a small corner of her basement to a now spacious office suite in Oxford, Connecticut.

She has revolutionized billing services by forming a personal relationship with each client and allowing them to form their own service plan according to their personal needs. Her innovative approach to medical billing is the key to her success. By providing cost-effective services and freedom from the process of medical billing, MBCT allows mental health providers to tailor the services provided to streamline practice management and focus on client care.

What has truly made her a name within the community is her infectious attitude that consumes any room she enters. Her genuine approach to supporting mental health professionals makes the nature of her business altruistic just as she is. Continuing to stay innovative keeps MBCT above the competition while also maintaining relationships that highlight each client’s individuality.

Employing the best in the field, Michelle looks forward to the growth of MBCT, attributing her success to her valued employees.