Practice Management

Enhance the patient encounter while maximizing billing & revenue capture.

Medical Billing of CT cloud clinical (EHR) software, Practice Management (PM & Billing) and Revenue Optimization software are available as a tightly integrated bundle under a single user login. The integration of these three products results in an extraordinary, single suite of automation solutions from which medical practices of any size and specialty can benefit. We include physician-created EHR specialty templates and clinical workflow processes, as well as industry-leading front office and billing tools. With seamless integration, our EHR software increases the quality of care, improves practice productivity, and facilitates adherence to clinical compliance guidelines.

Eliminate Inefficient & Time-consuming Paper Chase

Medical Billing of CT EHR software is ONC-ACTB certified for 2011/2012. The clinical information system provides access to all patient information that flows through your practice, including test, procedure and prescription orders. Our EHR includes a full integration with the Medical Billing of CT Practice Management system, which means all patient demographic data, clinical, billing, scheduling, appointment history, and other pertinent information, is at your fingertips – when you are in your office, at the hospital or at home. Additionally, because of the EHR integration with our Revenue Management system, you have no more paper chasing at the end of the day to reconcile daily encounters with daily billing claims processed.

Reduce Administrative Costs with Interoperable EHR

Selecting an EHR from a trusted brand like Medical Billing of CT means you gain a clinical and billing system that effortlessly communicates and exchanges information between multiple systems such as labs, imaging centers, hospitals and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). With our EHR you benefit from immediate savings in labor as well as reduced hassle from managing disparate systems.

Additional EHR & Billing Integration Benefits

  • Procedure & diagnosis codes are sent directly into your billing system via the built-in Electronic Superbill (or Online Charge Slip) at the end of the visit.
  • Claim denials are more efficiently addressed because encounter documentation templates can be E&M coded to reflect the level of care actually performed for the visit.
  • The integration of Medical Billing of CT clinical & billing bundle combines front & back office business tools with clinical tools giving you simplified access to a robust software suite.