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CT Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing of CT

Primary Medical Billing

At MEDICAL BILLING OFC T  we guarantee that you will see a significant increase in your account receivable. We have full time experienced Medical billers working together to maximize your reimbursement and reduce your unpaid  claims. You cannot compare our medical  billing expertise to in-house billing. The majority of our time is spent tracking and following up on unpaid claims.  This is the number one issue in making sure you collect what is due to you. As we all know insurance companies  are purposely holding back your payments, delaying your payments or denying  them for no good reason.  Our staff takes this as a personal challenge and we aggressively follow up in a methodical way to collect on those claims.  We file all primary and secondary claims electronically assuring quality.

Our medical billing service is a world-class solution focused on your bottom-line. We offer a uniquely customized service—whether you are a solo practice or a large hospital group. This unique service means you are always in close contact with those who do the work. Even our smallest clients have direct access to resources and vast experience like those of a large organization. Our competitors simply can’t match this unique blend of personal attention and sophistication.

We aim to maximize your allowable reimbursement. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and aggressively follow up on unpaid or misadjudicated claims. Most practices can’t afford this level of sophistication, yet they continue to deal with the headaches and uncertainties of in-house billing.

Alongside our services, you receive AdvancedMD cloud software that includes appointment scheduling, patient demographics, financial reporting and analysis—as well as a full-featured, integrated EHR. You’ll say goodbye to software licenses, servers, and upgrades­­—and hello to a reliable, advanced system, available 24/7, designed for today’s modern practice. Our world-class billing processes include electronic claim submission, claim tracking, denial tracking, claim scrubbing, and a rules-based insurance-specific follow-up engine. These combined services and processes are able to deliver more money, faster.


Secondary Medical Billing

At Medical Billing of CT, we automatically process secondary claims upon receipt of the primary EOB. Because we keep up with technology and try to stay ahead of the curve secondary billing goes out electronically. This ensures you collect every dollar. We are committed to paying attention to the details and  know the importance of using the correct ICD 9 and CPT codes as well as the  applicable modifiers.


EMR\PM Medical Billing

Medical Billing Of CT has an EMR solution that eliminates the risk and the outrageous cost. Medical Billing Of CT offers proven Electronic Medical Software as a part of the billing service. Our EMR has received rave reviews from physicians and provides the functionality most practices need (click here to learn more about our EMR). With Medical Billing Of CT EMR there is no long term commitment and no investment in hardware.

You receive customized Electronic Medical Record Software. You receive office training. It is all part of our service. If you like Medical Billing Of CT’s EMR then you keep using it. If you do not like Medical Billing Of CT’s EMR then you stop using it and can pursue another EMR. The difference is you did not spend thousands of dollars. Think of it as an intelligent EMR test drive.

To learn more about how Medical Billing Of CT’s EMR can help you practice achieve the benefits of Electronic Medical Record Software without the risks.