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CT Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing of CT

QQuicker Reimbursements Claims processed within one business day of receipt.  Claim status checks and follow-ups are performed daily to ensure your claims are properly addressed in a timely manner by insurance providers.

RReduced Claim Denials Claims are checked for errors and insurance compatibility prior to submission by experienced insurance auditing staff.  Denied claims are immediately addressed and appealed on your behalf.

RReduced Aged Receivables Medical Billing of CT is able to focus completely on getting your practice’s claims paid.  This allows for rapid submission, posting, and reversing of erroneous denials/underpayments.

IIncreased Profits You and your office staff are able to focus on your practice, allowing for more patient care.  More patient care, less claim denials, and less staff expenses including overtime, lost business opportunity, software, and continuing education.

Our company brings nearly a decade of billing experience, in both hospital and physician practice billing, as well as working in claims auditing for several major U.S> insurance firms.  Medical Billing of CT is experienced in Medicare, HMO, IPA, POS, PPO, Workers Compensation and private indemnities. Medical Billing of CT provides a level of service and quality control for your revenue that is unmatched.  According to a recent survey by the Medical Association of Billers (June 28th, 2011), only 38% of respondents review EOBs for complete payment, and only 35% have ever appealed a claim.   At Medical Billing of CT, every EOB is reviewed for completeness of payment, and improper payments are immediately addressed.  Most denials are resolved within two business days.

Let Medical Billing of CT handle all of your billing needs, so you can focus on your patients!

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